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Nov 5, 2019

Are you sick of people asking you when you’re going to get a “real job?”  Are you frustrated that your friends and family never share your business on their social media pages?  Irritated that they aren’t hiring or purchasing from you? How about your spouse? Are they supportive of your entrepreneurial path or do they make it incredibly difficult for you to do what needs to be done to grow your business?  If you’ve struggled with getting support from the people you care about the most, you aren’t alone. I hear this same scenario described by countless entrepreneurs - some who feel like the only answer is to shut down their business or end the relationship!  Today, I dive into this topic head first and drop some truth bombs about what may or may not be an actual lack of support. By the end of this episode you’ll know what you can do to communicate in a way that enables your entire network to provide you with meaningful support!


In today’s episode, I’m sharing:

  • Some personal stories from you about the impact lack of support has in your business and relationships
  • My family’s reactions when I told them I quit my job as a lawyer to become a dating coach
  • How hanging out in front of a college dorm strengthened my belief in my business
  • My mom’s surprising reaction when I asked if she’d be on this episode
  • The four mistakes entrepreneurs make that can keep them from getting crucial support
  • The real reason why people don’t understand what you do
  • Ways you can tell if the problem is lack of support or poor communication
  • The mindset shift that took my client from being ready to leave her marriage or shut down her business, to increasing her business profits by 75% in just six months while receiving incredible support from her husband who became her biggest advocate
  • Tangible actions you can start taking today to help you get the support you really want
  • The introduction of a brand new segment
  • How YOU can tell my audience about your business


and so much more!


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